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When you have a pastry project, but you don't have a pastry chef.


Sweet Bee creates amazingly delicious desserts while helping you build your brand awareness and reach your business goals. Our services include recipe and product development, managing kitchen costs, marketing support and more.

Sweet Bee ganachecake Jessica Ellington Pastry Consultant
Sweet Bee Frozen Pb&J Jessica Ellington Pastry Consultant
Sweet Bee strawberrytarragonfool Jessica Ellington Pastry Consultant
Recipe and Product Development

We have expert skill in creating recipes or menus based on your desired results and specifications.


Do you rep a brand and need  recipes to inspire your customers? Are you a food manufacturer in need of a specialty skill? Do you have and upcoming event that needs desserts that wow? Are you looking to develop or update your menu offerings, but don't know where to begin? We've got you covered for all of your projects -- big and small.


Labor and Food Cost Management

Are you looking for consistency, organization and cost-saving techniques in your pastry kitchen?


Sometimes production needs to be reorganized to create efficiencies and economies of scale to decrease payroll.

Other times, staff needs to be (re)trained to consistently deliver what you want. A well-trained staff can lead to both lower labor AND food costs.

We can also help implement cost-saving techniques such as inventory management and proper sales forecasting to reduce waste and save you money.

Social Media and Marketing Support

Attention all brand and marketing managers in need of great food photos and how-to videos for social media and all other marketing channels!

We can make photo and video-ready sweets and savories highlighting your product and capturing the essence of your brand.



Sweet Bee founder Jessica Ellington is an Executive Pastry Chef with a decade of experience at some of Chicago’s top restaurants, restaurant groups and bakeries.

After she graduated from DePaul University, Jessica pursued a career in marketing, but realized her heart was in the kitchen.  After a few years, she decided to attend culinary school at the world-class French Pastry School in Chicago.

Jessica crafts modern American desserts using seasonal ingredients and classic techniques.  She enjoys casting new light on familiar favorites, hitting a sweet spot with desserts that are both recognizable and revelatory. She’ll confess that baking chocolate chip cookies is her first love – she’s been using the same family recipe for nearly 30 years. 

Jessica combined her passion for pastry and mind for business to create Sweet Bee in 2018.




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